Equibase.com Expands Leaders-by-Track Lists


Photo: Coady Photography

Equibase Company has expanded the availability of its free leaders-by-track data on equibase.com. Initially available for the most recent past two meets per racetrack, the leaders-by-track listings are now available for every past meet back to 2000. 

Leaders-by-track statistics are available for each horse, owner, jockey, and trainer that had a start at the respective meet. The data can be sorted by column heading: starts, firsts, seconds, thirds, earnings, win percentage, and in the money percentage.

"Fans and industry participants alike enjoy seeing how horses and people perform during specific track meets, but it was limiting to just have the past two years of data," said Rhonda Norby, Equibase's director of marketing and communications. "For media who are conducting research or for those who just enjoy looking back, the additional 20 years of data will be a welcome addition."

Users can find the leaders-by-track listings within the statistics section of equibase.com. In addition to the ability to sort by column headings, data for every horse, owner, trainer, and jockey can be filtered to view the statistics by a variety of categories, including age, sex, racing surface, and all races vs. stakes races; or just graded races.


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